What Are Some Basics of a Gas Station Business Plan?

The basics of a gas station business plan are a description of the products and services, the market analysis, and the sales and marketing strategy. Financial projections are also crucial in the business plan.

Describe the different types of oils and gas you intend to provide. If you also plan a convenience store, discuss the products to include, as well as any other extra services such as car wash and repair services.

In the market analysis section, provide information about the target customers. Discuss their traits such as population size, income bracket and preferences. Analyze the competition and find out who they are, their pricing and target market. Describe why establishing another gas station could be beneficial, and how you plan to gain competitive advantage over the existing competitors.

Explain your sales and marketing strategy that helps to attract and retain the customers. Describe what advertising tools you intend to use, and whether you want to have a loyalty program, offers and discounts. Include pricing for the products and services, and the criteria used in coming up with the price.

Have a section for financial projections. Include the amount of capital you need, and how you plan to raise it. Include a balance sheet and a cash flow analysis among other financial documents.