How Do I Get My Barber's License?


To obtain a barber's license, one should complete an accredited barber program and pass an examination. An individual pursuing a barber's license will also need to pay required fees and apply for the license.

  1. Complete an accredited barber program

    Enroll in and complete a barber education program at a college or barber school approved by your state's Department of Labor. The required number of credit hours varies by state, but it is usually a minimum of 1,500 credit hours before you graduate.

  2. Pass an examination

    Depending on the state, you may be required to take a written and hands-on examination to demonstrate your skills and prove your proficiency. Most states have their own exam. Check with your state's Department of Labor to find out how to apply to take the test.

  3. Pay the fees

    The fees vary depending on the state, type of examination and type of license. Most states require a fee to take the test, a fee to apply for the license and a fee to renew the license every few years. Contact your state's Department of Labor to find out the exact total of the fees.

  4. Apply for a license

    After passing the exam and paying the fees, apply for a barber's license through the state's Department of Labor. When you are approved, you will receive a photo identification card and a wall license.