How Do You Find the Balance on Your EBT Food Stamp Account?

Check the food stamp or cash balance of an EBT card in states with online account access by visiting the appropriate website and logging into your account. A list of states and sites as of 2015 is available at Alternatively, call the number on the back of the card.

Several states offer an online portal for managing and reviewing EBT accounts, including accessing information about current funds and previous transactions. To view this information, visit the site for the state issuing the benefits and log into your account, or create one if you have not done so already. The steps for creating vary by site but typically involve submitting an email address, name and benefits account number to verify account standing. After logging into the site, locate the area that references the available funds to find the current balance.

It is also possible to find your account balance by calling the toll-free number on the back of the EBT card. Follow the menu prompts to access the balance check system, then enter the 1- digit account number as it appears on the front of the card. Some states also support ATM access with EBT cards, which allows you to enter your PIN to access current balance details.