How Do You Backup the Contacts on Your Cell Phone?


To backup the contacts on a cell phone, go to the Contacts application, tap the Menu button, select Import/Export and then choose the storage location. Although there are other ways to backup contacts on a cell phone, this process does not require an active Internet connection or creating an account.

This procedure only works on cell phones that have the Import/Export option in the Contacts application, particularly in some advanced Android and Windows cell phones. It enables cell phone users to save their contacts into an external storage card, SIM card or USB storage device. When transferring contacts to the selected storage location, the contacts are not deleted from their original source.

To access contacts that have been exported to an external storage card, go to Menu on your cell phone and tap File Manager. On the new page, locate the external storage card, and tap on it to open Files and Folders. Tap the Contacts folder to view the recently imported contacts.

If you are not sure of the exact location where the contacts have been stored, open File Manager, and then type “Vcf” in the search bar. The folder containing the recently imported contacts should appear on the screen after the search.

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