How Do You Find Available Louisiana Hunting Leases?

The majority of hunting land for lease in Louisiana is available through timber companies, according to Advanced Hunter. Companies such as RoyOMartin and Weyerhaeuser own and lease large tracts of land to hunters in the state of Louisiana, as of 2015.

Land leases don't necessarily guarantee the abundance or variety of game, but most advertise a general idea of what species are available on the land, explains Advanced Hunter. Many leases offer expeditions and resort amenities. provides a user-friendly search tool for finding Louisiana hunting leases, pricing, game list and comprehensive descriptions of the lease. The site also includes a contact option for notifying hunters when certain leases become available, notes the company.

For hunters wishing to expand their search further, provides classified ads for lessors to advertise their available land, and for lessees to post the area and type of game they are interested in, according to the company website. Lessors have various terms and conditions for leasing their land for hunting, so it is important to review overall cost, term commitment, animal management guidelines and liability insurance guidelines before committing to a lease. Larger company lessors may have application functionality on their websites, while smaller, private landowners may require a more hands-on approach for securing a hunting lease.