What Is Assurance Wireless?

What Is Assurance Wireless?

Assurance Wireless is a mobile carrier that is part of a government benefit program that enables low-income consumers to obtain a free cellphone, among other services. The Federal Communications Commission's Lifeline Assistance program is not available to everyone who falls in this category. It is only applicable to people whose income make them eligible to qualify.

Along with providing a free cellphone, Assurance Wireless also makes it possible for subscribers to receive 500 free minutes per month on their phones for the first 4months. After 4 months, they receive 250 free voice minutes, as of March 2015. Qualified subscribers also get unlimited text messaging, so they are never charged for texts.

This service offering from Assurance Wireless especially benefits seniors who are no longer generating income. The free phone allows them to always have a convenient way to contact their families and their doctors.

In 2012, this service was rolled out to the homeless community. The incentive behind providing the homeless with government subsidized cellphones was to give them a means to contact city services in order to locate shelter beds and other helpful information. Assurance Wireless is a subsidiary of Virgin Mobile, and participation in its programs requires proof of income.

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