What Are Some Associated Costs With a Chicken Ranch?


Some of the costs associated with operating a chicken ranch include paying for buildings, feed, bedding and chickens. Other costs may include hired labor, land rent and interest on debts.

Operating a chicken ranch requires spending money on acquiring chickens and building structures to house them. Raising chickens also has ongoing costs of items, such as feed and bedding, which are consumed and replaced on a regular basis. Providing water is an ongoing cost whether paying a municipal utility bill or maintaining a well.

As a chicken ranch grows, it may be necessary to hire additional labor to keep up with the flock's needs. Operating a chicken ranch of a large size may require considerable management expertise to ensure output keeps up with expenditure outlays, and to manage finances and personnel.

One of the largest costs associated with any agricultural operation is the land. Land costs may come in the form of rent or lease payments or in a large one-time capital expenditure. Most often, large tracts of land are purchased with a mortgage. Servicing debt obligations is, therefore, a common cost of a chicken ranch or most other agricultural businesses. It is often one of the largest costs, but it is frequently overlooked, especially if the land is attached to an existing home.

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