How Do You Apply for SSI Disability Benefits?

Applying for SSI disability benefits can be done online at the official Social Security website, or by calling the official Social Security number at 1-800-772-1213. Applications are taken over the telephone or at a Social Security center. Individuals applying for these benefits should make themselves aware of the criteria before doing so.

When people apply for SSI disability benefits, they undergo an eligibility test. This usually involves collecting medical information to support claims. Each applicant must fulfill certain criteria, which includes being unable to do the job they performed before. Additionally, they must prove that they cannot take on other forms of work because of their condition, and the disability must be predicted to last for at least a year, or it may result in death. Applicants must prove that their condition is severe enough to interrupt basic work requirements. Certain medical conditions are automatically included, like severe cystic fibrosis. The application process also includes providing information regarding the applicant's work experience and education.

Applicants who wish to appeal the Social Security department's decision can do so online. This process may involve providing more supporting medical information, or information regarding a change in their health. It is also possible to dispute a decision based on non-medical grounds.