How Do You Apply for Paypal?


The first step in signing up for a PayPal account is to click the Sign Up button on the company's website and pick either a personal or business account. After making the selection, follow the screen to fill out necessary information such as your email address, and create a password.

Make sure to use a working email address since this functions as your username for PayPal. The password does allow you to use special characters and numbers. PayPal requires you to verify your email address to activate the account. Upon activation, users can view their account online and on the mobile application.

On the home dashboard, fill out your profile. You can connect your credit card and bank information to the account. This action allows you to send and receive money to a business, friends or family member. The ability to pay bills is also available once the account is fully set up.

As of 2015, the company does offer a free debit card for its clients upon request. The debit card has no annual fee or inactive fee. Finally, you can only apply for the card on PayPal's website since the company does not allow third-party vendors to perform this action.

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