What Animals Are Native to Madagascar?

Some animals that are native to Madagascar include the fossa, dancing sifaka and giraffe weevil. Madagascar is also home to many types of lemurs, including the tiny tot and red ruffed lemur.

There are actually more than 90 lemur species in Madagascar, in addition to 283 types of birds, 346 reptiles, 200 amphibians, 30 bats and 12,000 vascular plant species. One of the smallest primates on Madagascar is the tiny tot, which is a gray mouse lemur. It is just 4.7 to 5.5 inches in length with a 5.1 to 5.7-inch long tail. The red ruffed lemur is one of the biggest primates on the island at 20 inches in length with a 24-inch tail.

The fossa is a carnivorous mammal that looks similar to a cat and is in the mongoose family. It is often compared to cougars and other large cats as the biggest of all mammalian carnivores on the island. They can get up to 19 pounds and are around 30 inches in length. The dancing sifaka is native to the southern tip of Madagascar. The giraffe weevil has a very long neck, similar to a giraffe. The animal uses its unique neck to fight and build nests.