What Are Some Amerigroup Member Services?

Amerigroup's core member services include publicly funded health insurance, Medicaid and children's health care insurance programs, as described on Amerigroup.com. However, it also offers Medicare plans.

Amerigroup is a health care company that operates in several states across the country. Its activities mostly focus on public healthcare, and it works closely with programs, such as Medicaid and Medicare, in several different states. The company also acquired some University Health Plans, as noted by Forbes.com.

The bulk of its activities focus on Medicaid and the Children's Health Insurance Program. It operates Medicaid programs in 12 states as of 2015 and offers low-cost health insurance to people who may not be able to otherwise afford insurance. Approximately 82 percent of its members are women and children, according to the company's website; therefore, it offers a variety of services focused on mothers and children, including prenatal care, immunization and programs that help deal with conditions such as childhood obesity and diabetes. Other services include emergency room diversion programs and programs for people with disabilities.

Amerigroup also offers Medicare Advantage plans in eight states. Its Medicare plans promise low copays, medical services and pharmacy coverage at no monthly cost.

Information on which services are available in which states is listed on the Amerigroup website. Potential customers can also find provider information through the company's website.