What Ages Benefit From Think Through Math?

Think Through Math is appropriate for students in grades three through nine. The website offers live teacher support coupled with adaptive instruction up to the algebra level of math. It's possible to use Think Through Math both as primary instruction and supplemental support.

The first step to using Think Through Math is placing students with an adaptive test based on their current grade levels. Students have to answer 10 to 25 questions. The software adapts to provide instruction based on these assessment results.

Students work through individualized lessons that help them learn how to think through solving math problems. The lessons take roughly 40 minutes to complete. Each lesson starts with a pre-quiz. If students perform well on the pre-quiz, the program allows them to skip some steps.

Next, students work through warm-up questions related to their previous math lesson. After that, the program takes them through a guided learning section. They then work through both problem-solving questions and practice questions related to the new math skills. During the practice, students receive immediate corrective instruction.

Lessons conclude with students taking a post quiz. At every step of the lesson, students have the chance to chat with a live teacher online. They also have access to other help options.

Think Through Math has a variety of motivators, such as a customizable avatar and points for answering correctly. Teachers can choose how to use the point system.