What Are Some Aftermarket Diesel Fuel Tanks?

Some aftermarket diesel fuel tanks are Titan Fuel Tanks, Transfer Flow and Aero Tanks, according to the company websites. Many companies have a large inventory of diesel brands in stock, but several companies also offer custom building options to fit individual needs.

Titan Fuel Tanks offer several benefits for owners, as they will not delaminate, corrode from biodiesels or have excess condensation, notes the Titan Fuel Tanks website. Titan Fuel Tanks are also lighter than metal tanks, and they do not feature any welded areas that can crack during use. Truck owners can also store Titan Fuel Tanks in areas that will not accommodate metal tanks.

Transfer Flow tanks are made of 12 gauge or 14 gauge aluminized steel, states the Transfer Flow website. Customers will also receive mounting hardware and heavy-duty straps with their tank purchase to properly and safely install the tank in their vehicle.

Aero Tanks offers custom tank options as well as a large inventory of tanks for common vehicles, says the company website. Many of the tanks are 40 gallons, and they come in aluminized steel and stainless steel options. To install, customers will use the existing factory sender bracket and the new straps, and the company offers some installation options for a fee.