How Do You Find Free Advice for Divorce Questions?

Services for free or low-cost legal aid and advice regarding divorce are available throughout the country, according to Cathy Meyer of's Divorce Support. To receive free advice on divorce, one must meet the state requirements for receiving legal aid. defines legal aid as being primarily for people who can't afford the cost of legal representation for cases such as divorce. The categories of people who generally qualify for legal aid include disabled people, domestic abuse victims, senior citizens, low-income military members and people who meet low-income guidelines.

Each state has a legal aid office to assist low-income citizens, states If one meets the eligibility requirements, the state's program or organization refers the client to a lawyer who specializes in divorce cases and child custody and domestic abuse cases.

Some independent bar associations have pro bono programs that provide free or low-cost legal services, according to These organizations have similar income requirements as the state programs. In both cases (pro bono or state), it is likely that the client needs to provide proof and documentation of income or assets. Some bar associations also run weekly or monthly free legal clinics for which lawyers volunteer to answer any questions potential clients have about divorce or other legal proceedings.