What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Renting a Furnished Condo?

Some advantages of renting a furnished condominium include a simplified moving process, saving money on purchasing furniture and potentially obtaining a shorter lease term. Some disadvantages include loss of control over decorating options, a higher risk of losing a portion of the deposit upon moving out and a potentially higher monthly rent.

A furnished condominium reduces the amount of items to move and shortens the length of the move significantly. The renter may also save money on movers, as the renter does not have to move many large items. The renter also saves money on decorating costs, as the home already comes with the appropriate items. Many furnished apartments and condominiums also offer shorter or flexible lease terms, as the owners do not typically look for long-term renters.

A potential disadvantage to renting a furnished condominium is that the renter has much less control over the interior design of the unit because it is already full of furniture. Some renters may not prefer the visual style, size or function of the furniture in the home. Renters also must take extra care to avoid damaging the furniture, as landlords typically garnish the security deposit to cover these costs. Some furnished apartments may also carry a higher rent or security deposit to offset the furniture investment.