What Are Some Advantages of Buying a Laundromat?

One advantage of buying a laundromat is that customers pay for the laundromat's services up front with cash, so the business owner does not have to collect bills or maintain accounts receivable, explains the Laundry Owners Warehouse. Owning a laundromat is not labor intensive, as the dryers and washing machines carry out the cleaning tasks. A laundromat is a recession-proof business because people need clean clothing on a daily basis.

Another advantage of owning a laundromat is that it allows for absentee ownership. The owner of the laundromat does not usually have to operate the store himself, notes the Laundry Owners Warehouse. Laundromat owners do not have to stock inventory that can spoil, as detergent can last in a storage area for a long period of time. This type of business does not require the owner to sell a product, and laundromats are an established business.

Only a few employees are necessary in running a laundromat, reports the Laundry Owners Warehouse. In some situations, no employees are necessary to run the business, or an employee may only need to stop by the laundromat periodically to clean the facility. To operate a laundromat, no special skills, higher education or experience is necessary. Owners can receive training and support from local distributors and equipment manufacturers. Laundromats also provide owners with steady income, with only small shifts in the amount of business ranging from 10 to 20 percent.