How Do You Go About Adoption in North Carolina?


To adopt a child in North Carolina, choose an adoption agency, submit an application, complete a home study and legalize the adoption in a court. Before committing to an adoption, consult other family members and find out more about adoptive children through reliable sources such as the Internet, government officials and other adoptive parents.

Adoption can bring joy to the adoptive family and child. It is prudent to prepare each member of the family for a new member so as to make the process smooth. Adoptions in North Carolina often take a period of 1 year to complete, and the following are among the most important steps in adoption.

  1. Choose an adoption agency
  2. An adoption agency can be a good source of helpful information regarding the requirements stipulated by law. The agency is likely to answer to all concerns and make the process much easier.

  3. Submit an application
  4. A formal application for adoption must be presented to the relevant departments for verification and further direction.

  5. Allow for a home study and child placement
  6. A qualified official often pays a visit to the residence of the adoptive parents before approval of the application. The home study shows whether the adoptive family is well equipped to receive the new child or not.

  7. Get approval and legalize the adoption
  8. After all information and home study has been approved, the adoptive family and child are likely to meet for some time before being allowed to live together. Legalizing adoption requires official court proceedings.