How Do You Adopt a Dog From a Shih Tzu Rescue?


A dog from a shih tzu rescue may be adopted by filling out an application on the organization's official website or at the rescue facility. The rescue group organization decides whether you are fit to provide a suitable home for a rescued shih tzu dog or puppy.

Some rescue groups accept online adoption applications. The organization may check the behavior of your dog with your groomer and vet during visits and check-ups. If you do not have a dog, you may need to provide several references. Expect a home visit after the group speaks with the references.

The adoption process may take about two weeks to complete. Most rescue groups ask for adoption fees, which include the fees for spaying/neutering and vaccinations. The adoption may be disclosed on the rescue group's site or be discussed during the adoption process.

Most rescue groups encourage the adopter to visit the facility to check the dogs for adoption and to fill out the application. The organization may conduct an interview, and you may ask questions about the dogs and the facility during the visit. A home visit is still necessary, as the group is dedicated to finding a happy and safe home for the rescued dogs. You may check to check for its approved shih tzu rescue organizations in the United States.

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