How Do You Activate an IPhone?

An iPhone can be activated by turning on the device and following the on-screen instructions, or by connecting the device to iTunes and completing the setup guide. Activating an iPhone without iTunes requires access to a Wi-Fi network and activating with iTunes requires the latest version of the software.

To activate an iPhone, there are several configuration steps that must be undertaken. The first step when activating an iPhone is to set the language and the location. Once this has been selected, the next step is to select a Wi-Fi network. This step isn't required if activating an iPhone using iTunes. Once connected to a Wi-Fi network, the next step of activation is to confirm the phone number displayed is correct and enter the billing ZIP code and last four digits of the user's social security number. Once this has been verified, the next step allows users to turn on or off the location services.

The rest of the activation process helps set up the iPhone for use and users can choose to set up the device as a new phone or restore settings saved from a previous device on iCloud. The next two steps require users to create or log in with their Apple ID and decide if they wish to use the iCloud services. Once these steps have been completed, the welcome screen appears and the activation process is finished.