What Are Achilles Tendon Strengthening Exercises?


Achilles-tendon-strengthening exercises are designed to stretch the Achilles tendon. Recommended exercises focus on calf stretches to strengthen the Achilles tendon. WebMD suggests gentle stretching and strengthening exercises when healing from an injury. WebMD also recommends toe stretches, calf-plantar fascia stretches, quadriceps stretches, groin stretches, hamstring stretches and stair stretches to strengthen the Achilles tendon.

Exercise physiologist and fitness consultant Elizabeth Quinn of About.com explains that some experts believe that eccentric strengthening of the Achilles, gastrocnemius, and soleus muscles may reduce the risk of Achilles tendonitis and calf strain. She also suggests several exercises, such as warming up with gentle stationary cycling, walking or marching in place for several minutes. She recommends standing on the balls of the feet on the edge of a sturdy box or step while keeping the heels free as well.

Other suggestions by Elizabeth Quinn of About.com include maintaining balance on a step while slowly lifting up as high as possible on both set of toes. In this exercise, all the weight is moved to one foot before slowly lowering the body until the heels fall just below the step. Once the heels fall below the step, the weight is shifted back to both feet; the body then returns to the starting position. This routine calls for 10 to15 repetitions per leg.

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