What Are Some Accredited Online Degrees?

What Are Some Accredited Online Degrees?

As of 2015, some accredited online degrees include in accounting, psychology and business. The exact degree program available depends on the school, degree level, location and accrediting body.

Prospective students can attain an accredited bachelor's degree online in the areas of psychology, accounting and business at schools such as the University of Florida, Colorado State University, Drexel University and Texas A&M at Commerce.

The University of Florida's online psychology degree program awards a Bachelor of Arts degree and prepares students for various careers in areas such as health care and counseling, business and marketing, and education. Students must take courses in statistics, psychology and mathematics. Graduates of this program can extend their online education by pursuing graduate or professional degree programs in law or psychology.

Colorado State University offers a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting with 100 percent of its courses online. The degree program provides students with accounting basics and a complete study of organizational problems in areas such as quantitative decision-making and finance.

Texas A&M at Commerce offers its business administration degree entirely online at both the bachelor's and master's degree levels. Its MBA program equips the graduate student for upper-level management positions that require strategic leadership solutions to economic and ethical issues. As of 2015, the program requires 30 to 48 credit hours.

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