How Do You Access EBay Jewelery Auctions?

Accessing the jewelry actions on eBay involves going to the site, navigating to the "Jewelry and Watches" category and then filtering out other items except for those that are being auctioned. There are also options to narrow down the jewelry choices that are being shown on the webpage to a particular type of jewelry, metal, stone, brand and condition.

The following shows one simple way of accessing the jewelry items that are being auctioned on eBay.

  1. Go to the eBay website
  2. Type the eBay web address into the browser and press "enter."

  3. Navigate to the "Jewelry & Watches" section
  4. Mouse over the "Fashion" tab on the menu bar just below the search field on the home page to display the submenu. Select "Jewelry & Watches."

  5. Select "Fine Jewelry"
  6. On the next page, scroll down on the left-hand panel and mouse over the "Fine Jewelry" section. This will display another submenu. Select the category of the particular jewelry or just simply select and click on "See All."

  7. Display only the jewelry on auction
  8. Once on the "Fine Jewelry" page, scroll down the left-hand panel on the page to look for "Format." By default the "Fine Jewelry" page displays all items. Untick the "All items" on the "Format" section by selecting "Auction." This will display only the auctioned jewelry items on the page.