How Do You Access Brookshire's Weekly Ad?


As of 2015, customers can view the Brookshire's Weekly Circular advertisements on the company's official website. The website allows customers to search for the weekly ads for a specific Brookshire's location based on zip code or city name.

When searching for a store location, customers can limit their search to only those stores that feature specific departments, such as a bakery, liquor store, seafood, pharmacy or health and beauty. It's also possible to search for only stores that offer double or triple coupons.

The Brookshire's Weekly Circular advertisement features products from a wide range of different categories, including home essentials, barbecue and garden, liquor store, pet shop and cleaning products. In addition, the website features the company's Web Saver weekly advertisements, its Celebrate Cooking monthly magazine and numerous printable and load to card coupons.

Founded in 1928, the Brookshire's Grocery Company operates more than 150 stores in Louisiana, Texas and Arkansas. In addition to the Brookshire's brand, the company also operates stores under the names FRESH by Brookshire's and Super 1 Foods. Brookshire's operates more than 30 Super 1 Foods stores, which are considered the company's value stores as they offer lower prices that the company's other brands. The company's FRESH by Brookshire's concept store has received recognition for energy efficiency.

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