What Is a Zero Point Module Used for in the "Stargate" Universe?


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A zero point module is a device in the "Stargate" fictional universe that generates a virtually unlimited amount of power by harnessing zero point energy (the inexhaustible amount of power that inherently exists in any given space). It is used to power various devices that require much energy.

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City-ships, such as Atlantis, each rely on groups of three zero point modules to provide their power. Atlantis was able to survive underwater for over 10,000 years because its three zero point modules kept its shields running for that length of time.

Jack O'Neil used a zero point module to power ancient weaponry to fend off an attack on Earth by Anubis. Later, Stargate Command used one to open a wormhole to Atlantis in the Pegasus Galaxy. Yet another was used to send supplies and reinforcements to Atlantis. Several villains have attempted to use zero point modules as destructive weapons.

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