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Zane Truesdale is a character in the second series of "Yu-Gi-Oh!," which is entitled "Yu-Gi-Oh! GX." Zane is the older brother of Syrus, one of the show's main characters, and a member of the Obelisk Blue class, the oldest group of students at Duel Academy. His brother, Sy, is in the youngest class during the first season of "Yu-Gi-Oh! GX."

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Zane's relationship with Sy follows a story arc throughout three seasons of "Yu-Gi-Oh! GX." Zane feels Sy is not ready for the huge commitment of Duel Academy and has an aloof attitude when Sy begins his first year. However, Zane's feelings change after Syrus and Jaden Yuki, the protagonist of the series, defeat the Paradox Brothers in a tag duel.

Sy tries to sacrifice himself to win Zane's freedom after the older brother becomes controlled by Aster Phoenix later in the series. Zane defeats Sy in a cold, cruel fashion because of the brainwashing endured at the hands of Phoenix. Eventually, Zane's heart nearly gives out, and he washes up on the beach of Duel Academy's island.

Zane is undefeated at Duel Academy when the show's first season begins. He is one of only three people to defeat Jaden. The two rivals battle each other for Zane's graduation duel, which ends in a draw due to the effect of Final Fusion. Zane becomes a professional duelist before enduring a losing streak, at which point Phoenix recruits him.

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