What Makes Young Thug an Easy Target for Haters?


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Young Thug is an easy target for haters because of his unique personal style and mainstream success. The Atlanta rapper is known for popular tracks such as “Stoner,” “Danny Glover” and “Picacho.”

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Young Thug offers eccentricity in both his personal aesthetic and his style of rapping. Across a multitude of mixtapes, singles and albums, he’s developed a method of delivery that breaks with convention, adopting a high-pitched singing style that’s unique among most rappers. His lyrical content is also distinct within the realm of mainstream rap. The single “Picacho,” for example, sees him compare his diamonds to Pikachu, the electric rodent from Nintendo’s popular video game series “Pokemon.” Young Thug’s lapses into surreal, occasional unintelligible lyricism, often drawing comparisons to Lil B, another frequently mocked rapper.

Young Thug’s actual appearance also deviates from hip-hop norms. Clad in tight t-shirts, pink slippers, nail polish and a septum piercing, the rapper’s unique style has even caused some commentators to speculate about his sexuality. At the same time, other critics assert that Young Thug has played up his reputation as a weirdo, curating his offbeat public persona more than his music. These critics argue that his music, which isn’t radically different from many other Atlanta contemporaries, has succeeded due more to his image than anything else. Praise from major figures such as Kanye West and Drake only infuriated these haters further.

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