Are Yetis Real?


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There is no conclusive evidence, as of 2014, that an ape-like cryptid known as the "Yeti" lives in the Himalayan region. Also known as the "Abominable Snowman," this mythical creature is based on Tibetan and Nepalese legends of a bear- or ape-like creature that walks on two legs.

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One possible explanation for the "Yeti" mythology is the existence of several species of bears in the area. The Himalayan brown bear and Tibetan blue bear are both capable of limited two-legged locomotion. Hair samples collected from the Himalayan region were tested by an Oxford research team in 2014 that was able to positively identify all but one. The remaining mystery sample is hypothesized to be from an extinct polar bear variant that lived in the region approximately 40,000 years ago and may be the basis of the "Yeti" legend.

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