Who Is Be Xuan Mai?

Who Is Be Xuan Mai?

Born Truong Hoang Xuan Mai on the first of May, 1995, Be Xuan Mai is a former Vietnamese child star. She starred in numerous children's music videos as a child, making her debut in "Thuy Nga Paris by Night."

Xuan Mai comes from an artistic family. Her father is singer Tuan Canh, and her mother is guitarist Jeu Thu. At the age of 2, Xuan Mai had more than 30 albums, both public and private. The name of her most popular album, "Stork Baby Baby Baby," became the young star's catch phrase.

When Xuan Mai was seven years old and entered the first grade, her mother began cutting her performances, so that she could concentrate on her schooling. When she was 9, her parents split up, and she moved to the United States with her mother. She vanished from the Vietnamese entertainment scene.

She returned to Vietnam in 2009, but was heavily criticized by the public and gained the nickname "fake Xuan Mai." She released songs entitled "N?i nh? ?óng b?ng" and "Cây sao gi?y," but did not meet with the approval of the public.

Xuan Mai then returned to the United States to continue her studies. Despite the desire to become a lawyer, she has decided to become an artist, as of 2016.