What Is a "wyrm"?


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A ?wyrm? is a dragon. In German mythology, dragons are referred to as ?worms;? in Old English, the spelling of ?worm? is ?wyrm.? Though ?wyrm? may refer to a European dragon specifically, the word is often used interchangeably with ?dragon,? ?worm,? ?drake? and ?wyvern.?

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Each of these words conjures up a familiar image of a winged, serpentine creature. The Latin derivation of the English word ?dragon? means ?great serpent.? In Old English, ?wyrm? means ?serpent.? Wyrms are well-known fire breathers and gold hoarders. Famous dragons, or wyrms, include Smaug from ?The Hobbit,? Kilgharrah from ?King Arthur? and the unnamed dragon slain by Beowulf.

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