Who Wrote the Poem "Ambassadors of Poverty"?

The poem "Ambassadors of Poverty" was written by noted Nigerian poet, P.O.C. Umeh. It was released in September of 2014 as a part of his poetry collection "Rhythm of Conscience: Ambassadors of Poverty and Corruption." The poem and the related poetry collection feature strong themes of corruption at the upper levels of society.

Philip Obioma Chinedu Umeh worked as an educator and civil servant. He retired in 2004 from his post as the Director of the Federal Civil Service of Nigeria. Umeh used poetic forms in his writings to discuss the corruption, poverty and hopelessness he has seen in his native Africa. "Rhythm of Conscience: Ambassadors of Poverty and Corruption" was released in the hope that it would help to change attitudes and combat economic and political corruption.