How Do You Write a Tenant Notice to Vacate?

The body of a notice to vacate letter should only detail the intent for the tenant to vacate and the final day the tenant can occupy the property, notes J. Hirby for The Law Dictionary. If the notice to vacate involves an early termination of a lease, the issue of termination should be handled in a separate document.

When this type of letter is written by the landlord, it is referred to as a notice to vacate, according to Hirby. However, when the letter is written by the tenant, it is called a notice of intent to vacate. In many cases, leases come to an end without the use of these notices.

At the top of the letter, list both the tenant's address and the landlord's address, recommends Hirby. Next, use the subject line to explain the reason behind the intent to vacate. It is important to review the original lease before writing the notice to vacate. Incorrect dates of move in can become a legal issue if the property is vacated before the lease term is over. The majority of available templates used for residential leases typically include a notice to vacate that can be sent once the rental term expires.