How Do You Write a Script Outline for Your Script?

How Do You Write a Script Outline for Your Script?

A script outline should include information about the protagonist, details about the supporting cast, details about the beginning and end of the story, plot points and the order of events. Using a script outline is an easy way to break down the story step-by-step.

In order to avoid unnecessary rewrites, an author should consider writing a script outline. It is a tool that defines all aspects of the script, helping to ensure pertinent points are not overlooked.

  1. Describe the protagonist
  2. The protagonist is defined as the leading character. A script outline should define this person as well as his or her ultimate goal or vision that is addressed in the story.

  3. Describe the supporting cast
  4. The supporting cast is everyone else that makes an appearance in the storyline. A cast member could be someone as important as a significant person in the protagonist's life, or someone as inconsequential as a store owner or passerby.

  5. Lay out the beginning and the end of the story
  6. Sometimes writing the opening scene of a story or the ending scene to wrap it all up is one of the most difficult parts. Sketching out an opening and ending, then sandwiching the rest of the action in between, can be helpful.

  7. Delineate the order of events
  8. An outline format works well to list the sequences of the script in order. Act divisions can be worked into this step as well.