How Do You Write a Poem About the Loss of a Dog?


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A good way to start to write a poem about the loss of a beloved pet is to write a few sentences about your feelings for the dog in any order, just to get something on paper. Something about the dog’s personality can also appear in those first sentences.

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Content can include the reasons you were thankful to have the dog in your life, and how the dog has changed that life. You can also include funny and quirky memories of the pet. Then, take those sentences and rearrange them in poem form. One common poem form is free verse, which does not have any traditional rules around versification or fixed meter. The poet’s main concern is where to place the line break; one way of doing this is to break the line where there is a natural pause. The poem can also be an ode to the pet. This form doesn’t have any traditional rules either to praise or glorify a person, place or thing.

However you choose to craft the poem, it can be a powerful memorial to the time you and your pet had together. For some dog owners, the poem might express grief while others might write humorous poems or ones that celebrate the dog’s life. A written tribute of any kind can help you to process your feelings; other members of the family might also find comfort in the poem.

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