How Do You Write a Moving Sermon?


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To write a moving sermon, create the foundation by finding the right scripture. Read the scripture over and over again, and write down any observations you have. Become an expert of the passage. Proceed to write the sermon based on ideas gained from the passage.

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How Do You Write a Moving Sermon?
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The Bible should always serve as the foundation of the sermon and underlay everything that is said. However, a sermon should not be written based on a good idea that a part of scripture is then found to match with. Instead, open the Bible, and pray for God's aid to locate a passage. Proceed to form a big idea from that passage, and make the sermon revolve around this big idea. Remember that a good sermon seeks to demonstrate to church goers that this big idea comes directly from the scripture and that it applies to their lives.

When studying the scripture, read it at least seven times to grasp the full meaning of it. Additionally, read the passages before and after the scripture to fully understand the context of the passage. Pro Preacher notes that a preacher serves as a steward of the word of the Bible, so having an extensive understanding the meaning of a passage is very important.

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