How Do You Write a Limerick?


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Write a limerick by following the rhyming structure AABBA in a five-line poem. Choose a topic, and craft the poem so that the last words in lines one, two and five rhyme with each other, and the last words in lines three and four rhyme with each other.

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  1. Choose a topic

    Select a theme for your limerick. Limericks are often written to be clever or humorous.

  2. Decide on a first line

    Come up with a first line that introduces your top. Make sure whatever word the first line ends with is a word that's easy to rhyme.

  3. Write line two

    Write a second line for the limerick that builds off the first line, continuing the basic story being told. The last word of line two should rhyme with the last word of line one.

  4. Write and rhyme lines three and four

    Write line three so that it ends with a word that does not rhyme with line one or two. Then, write line four. The last word of line four should rhyme with the last word of line three. These two lines should nearly finish the story.

  5. Finish the limerick

    Write the fifth and last line of the limerick. The last word of the fifth line should rhyme with lines one and two. It should be a conclusion or a punchline to the rest of the poem.

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