How Do You Write a Letter to the Editor of a Magazine?

To write a letter to the editor of a magazine, first find a mailing or email address where the magazine accepts letters. Next, address a specific story or other specific concern with the magazine, citing specific examples. Further, be direct, courteous and concise.

Because most magazines publish selected letters to the editor, they also usually publish policies for submitting letters on the same pages as these letters. In general, you may send a letter to the editor-in-chief or managing editor of a magazine or to a more specialized editor who handles a subject such as art or features exclusively. Look for names, mailing and email addresses on the magazine’s staff pages, which are published at the front near the table of contents.

In form, letters to the editor are standard business letters. Start with the date, and use the editor’s name and an inside address, even if sending the letter via email. Customary greetings generally start with “Dear Mr. or Ms.” However, if you can’t tell the editor’s gender from the name, skip the honorific and use the editor’s name as it appears in the magazine followed by a colon.

The body of your letter should be focused and concise as well as courteous in tone. State your business in the first sentence of the first paragraph. If you’re writing to address a specific article, use evidence from that article to illustrate your point. If writing about multi-issue coverage of a specific event, use examples from each article in the series, if possible.

Letters to the editor can also address magazine, design, photography and customer service issues. To end the letter, thank the editor for his time, and use a complimentary close and signature block.