How Do You Write a Biography?


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To write a biography, first make a list of people who are interesting and have accomplished something great. Narrow it down to two or three, and perform a quick Internet search to see which candidate has a lot of information available to use for research.

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How Do You Write a Biography?
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Once a subject is chosen, visit a library or access a reputable online database to find information about the person's life. Good sources include newspaper articles, magazine interviews, and historical or biographical books. Gather basic information, such as the person's date of birth, birthplace, immediate family, education and profession. Other information to consider includes the person's hobbies or favorite creative endeavors. Research events, such as obstacles he overcame, or people who influenced him, such as teachers, mentors or enemies.

Begin organizing the information into a time line from the person's birth through his education, marriage, achievements and failures. Start a draft with a lead that highlights the reason you find the person interesting and a relevant quote either by or about the person. Follow with the information from the time line and any important quotes that help tell the person's story. Write a conclusion that brings the reader back to the lead point.

Read the draft aloud and make sure the points are clear. Consider any information that is missing or not fully explained or any paragraphs that do not flow together properly. Revise the biography based on this information. Double check all facts and formatting before turning the biography in or publishing it.

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