How Do You Write an Author's Page for a Book?

A good author's page is one that connects with readers and informs them about the book, according to Bookmasters. This may be accomplished by writing the author's page in a similar tone to the book, highlighting relevant author achievements and keeping personal information to a minimum.

An author page or bio should contain the relevant details of the author's career, according to Authority Publishing. These details can include book titles, the author's area of expertise, media coverage or other accolades, and other information readers would find relevant to the book. For example, an author of historical fiction may reference her experience as a history professor or explain her interest in the topic of the book.

Author's pages may also include a list of awards the author has won. Mentioning relevant awards and accolades is one way of showing that the author is a credible source of information. There are two subtypes of author bio: the inside and back page bios. While similar, Authority Publishing explains that these two types of author's pages should be written differently. The back page bio is often the reader's first impression of the book and should be kept brief, while the inside cover provides more space for personal information.