How Do You Write an Attorney Biography?

How Do You Write an Attorney Biography?

An engaging attorney biography should have pertinent information that helps to build trust between the attorney and his prospective clients. It should be unique, personal and social. There are ways to make a good first impression on those seeking an attorney and writing an interesting biography is the first step to developing an attorney/client relationship, suggests Conversation Insights.

  1. Have a strong lead-in statement
  2. Attorneys crafting a biography need to capture their prospective clients' attention. By stating things like what makes them better than other attorneys or the types of legal issues they deal with, they can easily captivate their intended audience.

  3. Give it a personal touch
  4. Attorneys tend to have a bad reputation for being impersonal and cold toward their clients. By giving their biographies a personal touch they can make themselves more endearing to their prospective clients. To do this, they should include things like why they went into law to begin with, what types of law they are passionate about and how their families help them be the best they can be.

  5. Tell a story
  6. Instead of writing nothing but the facts, try telling a story. It will make the biography much more personal and those who read it will be far more likely to remember it when choosing an attorney, suggests Conversation Insights.

  7. Don't forget the social media
  8. Once the biography is complete, an attorney can make it more personal by including links to his social media sites. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can help attorneys connect with current, former and prospective clients.