How Do You Write the Alphabet in Calligraphy?

write-alphabet-calligraphy Credit: Martin Sharman/CC-BY-2.0

There are multiple styles of alphabets classified as calligraphy, so you should start with the most basic style to get a solid skill foundation. Then, work your way up to whichever style is your favorite, or be creative and make one of your own. You will need paper and writing utensils.

  1. Get the right supplies

    Choose lined paper, such as card stock, that is thick enough that ink will not bleed through while you are writing. Select a pen with a comfortable finger grip, and use ink that is water-soluble. Trusted brands include Speedball and Higgins.

  2. Master the basic downward stroke and the curve stroke

    The basic downward stroke and the curve stroke are the two fundamental strokes of calligraphy. Make a downward stroke by placing your pen at the top of the line and bringing it downward at a 20-degree slant to the right if you're right-handed or to the left if you're left-handed. Make a curve stroke by placing your pen in the middle of the line, as if to start a lowercase letter, and drawing a semicircle.

  3. Learn the Roundhand Script alphabet

    The Roundhand Script is the most basic of calligraphy styles, and it requires only the downward and curve strokes. Start with the lowercase letters based on down strokes, like "h," "k," "l" and "p." Then, move on to letters with rounded edges, such as "a," "e" and "d." Finally, attempt the uppercase letters, which are the most challenging. Combine your new letters to make sentences.

  4. Explore other alphabets

    Alphabets vary by style, use, origin and date of creation. Try different styles to widen your skill set.