Who Would Win Between Goku Vs. Batman?


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Goku is described as having superhuman strength, speed and durability, meaning that in a purely physical confrontation he could easily defeat Batman. Although Batman has Olympic-level athleticism, a keen intellect and access to a wide array of gadgets, Goku's enormous advantage in physical ability outclasses anything Batman has access to.

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Bob Kane and Bill Finger are credited with creating Batman in 1939 following the success of Superman. The original design for Batman featured a domino mask and two projecting, wing-like structures attached to the back of the character. Red was also a prominent color in the original design. Popular culture of the 1930s is credited with inspiring Batman's look and mannerisms. In addition, pulp magazine characters, such as Zorro, and classic literary characters, such as the Scarlet Pimpernel, were used as models.

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