How Would a Model Pose for a Picture?


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The way a model poses for a picture depends on a number of factors, including wardrobe, body proportions and the purpose of the photoshoot. Generally speaking, however, a model poses with neck elongated, jaw forward, limbs held away from the body and eyes over the line of the nose.

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Models rely on a number of different techniques to give their poses beauty, poise and shape. In general, models use light to highlight what they want the camera to see and shadows to minimize what they do not want seen. Limbs are positioned out of direct light to avoid casting shadows across the body.

Models are careful to show the sides of the hands rather than the backs to give them a dainty, streamlined appearance. Fingers are held separated and slightly bent at the joints, making them look delicate and refined. Hands can be placed on the hips to create the illusion of a more defined waist.

The model faces the camera on an angle and avoids over-rotating the eyes or head. To create a strong profile, models thrust their chins toward the camera and open their mouths slightly to take weight out of the cheeks and make the jawline appear sharper. Lifting one shoulder higher than the other helps gives the pose shape.

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