What Are Some Free World War II Movies to Watch Online?


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Some free World War II movies to watch online include "Five For Hell," "The Silent Enemy" and "Go for Broke!" These movies and many other World War II movies are available for free viewing on youtube.com

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"Five for Hell" is an Italian war film that is defined by its macaroni combat style. Macaroni war movies were designed to mimic the success of traditional American war movies, and they were renowned for their violence, low budget and simplistic cinematography. "Five for Hell" is about a leader of a group of American G.I. operatives who plan to steal Nazi secret plans behind enemy lines.

"The Silent Enemy" is another World War II movie that follows the story of Lionel Crabb during the war. It was based on the book "Commander Crabb," and the film depicts the events that occurred at Gibraltar harbor under torpedo and amphibious attacks.

"Go for Broke!" is a war film that heavily dramatizes the true story of the 442nd division during World War II. This division consisted primarily of second-generation Japanese American soldiers, and the division became one of the most famous and decorated in the entire history of the United States Army. "Go for Broke!" is also famous for casting Japanese characters in a positive light against traditional anti-Japanese propaganda.

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