What Are the Words to "The Solar System Song",?

“The Solar System Song” is a song intended for children and explains the planets and sun found in the solar system. The song starts by explaining how the sun is a burning ball of fire and how life on earth depends on it. Mercury is then described as the planet closest to the sun.

Next, Venus and Earth are compared as being the same size, but Venus has no water or life on its planet. Mars is then described as a rocky red planet with the highest mountains. Next, Jupiter is explained as being the biggest planet and having its own moon.

The song continues with Saturn and explaining that its rings are made of ice. Next, Uranus is explained as the coldest planet with rings made of dust. Finally, Neptune is described as the furthest planet from the sun. The song then comes to a close by repeating twice, “We are the solar system.”

"The Solar System Song" is distributed by KidsTV123.com and is written and performed by A.J. Jenkins. The website allows users to purchase the song and purchase its animated music video. The video shows all of the planets individually as they are being described and shows all of them together at the end.