What Are Some Words That Rhyme With Struggle?

Some words that rhyme with "struggle" are "smuggle," "snuggle" and "juggle." Rhyming consists of repeating similar sounds in two words, typically in the last syllables of lines of poems. Rhymes take various forms, including the semi-rhyme, in which one of the rhyming words contains an extra syllable. Words that semi-rhyme with "struggle" include "bubble," "muddle" and "shuffle."

Rhymes are categorized in several ways. "Masculine" rhymes stress the final syllable of words, while "feminine" rhymes stress the second-to-last syllable. "Dactylic" rhymes stress the third-to-last syllable.

Rhyming is used in many cultures in a variety of literary forms, including sonnets, ballads, songs and rhyming couplets. Rhyme structures vary with different languages and periods. Modern poetry often avoids traditional rhyming structures.

The earliest historical evidence of rhyme is a Chinese work from the 10th century, and rhyming is used occasionally in the Bible. In the seventh century, the Irish began using rhyme extensively in literature. Language changes over time result in poetry that once rhymed not seeming to rhyme to the modern ear. Classical Hebrew writings typically did not use rhyme; however, modern Jewish worship poems, as of 2014, tend to use rhyme because they were composed in Europe during the medieval era.