What Words or Phrases Are Suitable for an Award Plaque?

Some common words and phrases to use on awards plaques are "outstanding," "achievement award," "awarded for excellence in [fill in what recognition is for]" and "team excellence award." The plaque can also use the phrases "top quality award" or "for your positive accomplishments."

To award service, a plaque can include words and phrases such as "outstanding service award," "presented to [insert name] for your service and dedication." The plaque can then state the name of the company or organization that is giving the recognition. Another phrase to use is "in appreciation for outstanding dedication and service above and beyond the call of duty."

A plaque to acknowledge sales can include words and phrases such as "outstanding producer of the year" and "in recognition of your ability to far surpass all sales quotas set by the experts." The plaque can recognize achievement "in the field of sales," or can state a specific amount of sales a person has surpassed.

To recognize leadership, some phrases to use on a plaque are "with deep appreciation for your visionary guidance," recognizing "undaunting leadership," and "superior leadership qualities," as well as acknowledging "outstanding performance" in a particular role. The plaque may recognize the role of director, president or other positions.