What Are Woodscapes Art Kits?


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Woodscapes art kits are ready to assemble kits that feature pre-cut pieces of wood that users assemble into complete images. West End Games manufactures Woodscapes kits as an easy way to create attractive pieces of art. The kits include pre-cut pieces of wood and sheets of paper that indicate where each piece goes.

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Individuals complete Woodscapes kits by gluing each pre-cut wooden piece, known as a lath, to the paper diagrams. The laths fit together like a jigsaw puzzle, producing an image once every lath is glued into place. Woodscapes laths are manufactured from both spruce and basswood, and kits often utilize the grain variations between these two species. Many Woodscapes kits also include instructions for painting laths different colors before gluing them onto the sheets.

Woodscapes kits are essentially simplified forms of marquetry that also take some inspiration from paint-by-numbers kits. While marquetry is entirely freehand, requiring the artist to create a composition, cut all pieces of wood to shape and glue them into place, Woodscapes kits eliminate all but the final step. Woodscapes kits also give creators the option to paint laths different colors, producing more dynamic images. Marquetry, on the other hand, typically uses only grain variations to produce visual effects.

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