Who Are Some of Wolverine's Enemies?


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Wolverine's enemies include villians such as Sabretooth, Magneto, Lady Deathstrike and Mystique. Although Wolverine has several adversaries in comics, movies and cartoons, his longest rivalry is with Sabretooth. The pair have engaged in many brutal fights.

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Wolverine's adamantium-coated skeleton leaves him vulnerable to Magneto's power of magnetism. The villain once tore the metal from Wolverine's body, leaving the hero with his original bone claws. Lady Deathstrike's sharp adamantium nails are a deadly match for Wolverine's claws, and the characters share a tragic past involving the Weapon X project. Shape-shifter Mystique betrayed Wolverine while the two were romantically involved, and she uses that connection to manipulate him in battle.

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