How Do You Do the Wobble Dance Step-By-Step?

To do the wobble dance, jump forwards and backwards, swaying your hips for four counts after each jump. Roll your hands to the left and right for four counts each. Step forward once with each foot, march in place, and finish by swaying your body while turning left.

The wobble is a line dance popular at events such as parties and weddings. Participants stand in one or more lines and perform the dance in unison. The dance comes from the song "Wobble" by V.I.C.

Since the dance is performed to music, start by listening to the song's rhythm and loosening your body. The distance of each jump is about one step. When you jump, land on both feet at the same time, and sway your hips from right to left. This movement is known as wobbling the hips. As you wobble your hips, cross your arms on-beat. When you jump back, perform the same hip wobbles and arm crosses.

Before the arm roll, twist to your right, and face left. Wobble your hips and shoulders while rolling your hands. Face the other direction, and do the same thing. Step forward with your right foot first, and bring it back. March in place for three beats. Repeat the procedure with your left foot. Sway while turning left slowly until you make a complete circle. If you want to keep dancing, repeat the steps.