What Are Witchcraft Spells and Chants Used For?


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Practitioners of witchcraft use spells, chants and prayers in hopes of bringing about change in the universe. Some members of the Wiccan faith do not believe in using magic spells on other people, while others believe that using spells is no different from any other action a person may take.

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People cast spells for various reasons, such as bringing more love into their lives, finding employment or gaining courage. The act of casting a spell may also be part of the person's personal development journey. A group of witches in the 1990s even used spells in an attempt to bring a criminal to justice. While a spell is an attempt to harness the universe's energy, the power comes from the person casting it.

By contrast, a prayer is more like a request for help. The person praying hopes that the gods intervene in particular situations that are the focus of the prayers. Some Wiccans and pagans pray to spirits, such as the spirit of the sea, while others pray to their ancestors. Still others choose to pray to Celtic or Roman gods. A gift or small offering may accompany a prayer and is a gesture that shows respect to the god or other spirit to whom the person offers the prayer.

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